Strengths Finder

My top 5 strengths out of 34 possible ones on the strengths finder test (1 being the most dominant and strongest strength)

1. Developer 

2. Relator

3. Achiever

4. Harmony

5. Responsibility


They recognize and cultivate the potential in others. They spot the signs of each small improvement and derive satisfaction from these improvements. Instinctively, you cheer up people by telling jokes and funny stories. Your comedic flair and your clever wit often evoke laughter. You can make others smile regardless of the circumstances. Chances are good that you have quick and ready insights into the moods and emotions of individuals. This awareness amplifies your effectiveness as a trainer, guide, or coach. Your sensitivity allows you to help people express what they are thinking and feeling. Because of your strengths, you like to lift the spirits of the people around you. You know what to do and say so individuals feel useful, valued, appreciated, and important. By nature, you habitually create up-close and personal relationships with people. Knowing what makes individuals unique usually provides you with clues about the best way to support or inspire each person. It’s very likely that you regard the opportunity to understand everything you can about someone as a gift beyond price. Each insight into a human being brings you great joy. You want to know people on an up-close and personal basis. You probably refuse to think of anyone in terms of stereotypes. You rail against these oversimplified categories or labels. You often argue they deprive all humanity of a person’s unique talents, knowledge, skills, and ideas. 


They enjoy close relationships with others. They find deep satisfaction in working hard with friends to achieve a goal. Chances are good that you are apt to read books or publications that contain information and tips you can share with individuals you are training. Imparting knowledge, talking about your experiences, or passing along your skills provides you with much personal satisfaction. It’s very likely that you sense that you are already being as productive as you can be. You are meticulous — that is, you carefully and thoroughly consider all the details — when designing methods for managing your commonplace assignments. As a result, you probably can handle recurring tasks quite efficiently. Your well-defined tactics enable you to wisely use your time, energy, effort, and talents. Instinctively, you are comfortable offering suggestions to people who regularly seek your counsel — that is, recommendations about a decision or course of action they are considering. These individuals usually feel deep affection for you. You are likely to spend time together socializing as well as working or studying. Driven by your talents, you may relate to individuals better when you pay attention as they describe their goals. Because being liked is important to you, you might set out to convince people that you understand their desires, wants, or needs. By nature, you are naturally open and honest about who you are, what you have done, what you can do, and what you cannot do.Your straightforward explanations and stories help listeners see you as you see yourself. You reveal your strengths and limitations. You are forthright and plainspoken. People generally seek your company and want to work with you. Many are impelled to move into action by your words and examples. 


They have a great deal of stamina and work hard. They take great satisfaction from being busy and productive. Instinctively, you may be inclined to look over your own or others’ work more than once. Sometimes you need to verify that the basic building blocks are in the right place. Perhaps knowing that everything has been done properly makes it a little easier for you to let go of one assignment and begin your next project. Driven by your talents, you exhibit the physical and mental endurance needed to continuously toil long after others have stopped working. You are hardwired to pursue goals until they are reached. When obstacles arise, you become even more determined to succeed. Chances are good that you set very high expectations for yourself. Typically you push yourself until you reach your goals. You are not content unless you deliver the best performance or produce the most outstanding results. By nature, you usually work earnestly for an authority figure who takes an interest in you as a human being. You probably just do what is expected when teachers, coaches, or supervisors treat you like an underling, consider you hired help, or ignore you. It’s very likely that you devote yourself to figuring out what makes a person unique and special. You likely invest a lot of energy in this activity. You typically consider yourself successful when you can identify a person’s talents, weaknesses, interests, motivations, moods, or experiences. 


People who are especially talented in the Harmony theme look for consensus. They don’t enjoy conflict; rather, they seek areas of agreement. Instinctively, you exhibit a yearning to collect information about topics of special interest and/or entirely unrelated subjects. Whatever your ultimate goal, you usually locate specialists to help you ask the right questions so you obtain the right answers. Rather than leap into action unprepared, you prefer to uncover facts, data, itineraries, costs, or product specifications. Chances are good that you enjoy helping individuals discover what they have in common. Once people realize they are more alike than different, they can begin collaborating on projects, solving problems, or sharing resources. Usually you are the one who makes everyone aware of the way things really are. Straightforward and objective, you lay out the facts so those involved can move forward together in one direction. By nature, you go out of your way to engage others in friendly conversation. This is usually the case when situations warrant a lively exchange of ideas, feelings, or stories. Whenever you have created a climate of open sharing, people just seem to get along with one another better. You help them discover mutual interests, backgrounds, experiences, or acquaintances. Because of your strengths, you ordinarily describe yourself as practical and realistic. You labor earnestly to find specialists who can help you figure out the right responses to questions. “Why reinvent the wheel?” you ask when they already know what to do. It’s very likely that you characteristically gravitate to situations where you can team up with people. Being a practical and objective person, you probably present ideas that have produced good results in the past. You appreciate teammates who give the same consideration to your suggestions as they give to everyone else’s. 


People who are especially talented in the Responsibility theme take psychological ownership of what they say they will do. They are committed to stable values such as honesty and loyalty. By nature, you willingly assume moral, legal, and mental accountability for people, processes, or assignments. Your outward behavior demonstrates your reliability. Others view you as a person who can be trusted to follow through on commitments. It’s very likely that you may be the team member whom others count on to do what is right. Perhaps you make sure your job or assignments are done correctly. You might conduct yourself in such a way that your ethics are above reproach — that is, anyone’s disapproval. Because of your strengths, you may want people to regard you as trustworthy, dependable, or reliable. Perhaps this yearning motivates you to do whatever you said you would do. Instinctively, you place a premium on doing everything correctly. Whatever you are involved in or associated with must typify — that is, symbolize — accuracy and precision. Your high standards demand exactness. Chances are good that you may be exact about certain things you do or how you do them. Perhaps you follow your conscience when you need to distinguish right from wrong or excellence from mediocrity.


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