Posted by: yeajlee | December 20, 2010

A sleeping bag from God.

11.29.2010 Monday

Every monday morning a few of my friends and I make our way to the Fullerton Plaza with some donuts/coffee to spend time with the homeless. This particular morning I had asked some of them what their specific needs were. Donna shared with me that she could really use a sleeping bag as it was starting to get really cold at nights.


The next morning I received an unexpected email:

“Good Morning! I attend RH Fullerton and I am a Life Group Leader for a group that meets in La Mirada every week.  Some people in our group (myself included) are looking for ways to serve in our community of La Mirada this Christmas and beyond.  Some of us are already participating in “the giving tree” and donating gift cards towards the Solidarity cause, but we feel compelled to do something more in our city.  I was just “surfing around” on CORE to see if there were any serve opportunities/contacts and came across your names under RH Fullerton/Missional Communities/La MIrada.

I would love to find out what God is doing in La Mirada through your missional community and…… if there is any way for our Life Group to be a part of that this Christmas?  Please let me know.”

I had never met her before but I was so encouraged by this sister/her life group and how proactive she was in wanting to intentionally bless Fullerton. I briefly shared with her what we do monday mornings and some of the needs that we currently see. She couldn’t wait to help

12.19.2010 Christmas Service at RH Fullerton

It was a little before the service was about to begin. I was in the foyer area and a woman approached and introduced herself to me. She ended up being the same woman who had emailed me a few weeks back wanting to help. She had gone out to Big 5 and bought three sleeping bags for us so we can give them out on mondays. I told her you seriously have great timing because tomorrow we were planning on celebrating Christmas with them and handing out some gifts. I know just the right person to give this sleeping bag to…

12.20.2010 This morning

We head out to the Fullerton Plaza and a part of me is sad because I don’t see Donna. I was hoping she would show up. 45 minutes or so pass by and she comes riding in on her bike. We were able to surprise her with her gift and she was so touched…We didn’t know this until we got there but this past Saturday there was apparently an event at a Brea Catholic Church. Many homeless people had received flyers during the week to fill out a christmas checklist and she had filled out hers and submitted it. She check marked that she needed a sleeping bag. She had gone to pick it up but they said they had somehow lost her checklist ticket. She left without a sleeping bag. She left with great disappointment. She left empty handed while all of her other friends had received their christmas wishes. Little did she and we all know that God had orchestrated her ticket getting lost and for all of this to take place so she could get a gift straight from God, the ultimate giver of good gifts…

Absolutely love God stories like this…Glory to God!


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