Posted by: yeajlee | December 5, 2010

RH Fullerton Prayer Training

Superbowl Massacre Averted By Prayer. An article that we received during the prayer training. Worth making some time to read

Some interesting things happened during the prayer training. During praise time we were all standing and I was just singing and all of a sudden Rosa, one of my missional community friends unexpectedly firmly placed her hand on my upper arm. I thought to myself, how strange. What is she doing? Is she goofing off during praise time? I thought it was a bit weird but I just kept singing and told myself I’d ask her later about the whole incident. Then Nick who was leading the prayer training had us sit alone and listen to God. I had prayed, “God, do you have something for this group today? For myself? Two words came to my mind…intimacy, relationship. Also Matthew 7 popped into my mind. I wasn’t sure exactly what that passage was on but I opened it up and it said, “Ask and it will be given….”

Towards the end of the training Nick had us break into groups to practice praying for an individual. I really felt I needed prayer but was a bit hesitant to say anything to the girls in my group. I waited to see if one of the other girls needed prayer instead and Rosa spoke up really quickly and said, yeaj needs prayer girl! I was bit shocked and taken aback by that. I hadn’t told her about the really rough past two days I had but God had revealed it to her. The girls then prayed over me. I later asked her about what happened during the praise time and she said, she just got this overwhelming sense to pray for me at that moment and God was telling her that I needed it. She said this kind of thing doesn’t happen to her often but only when she’s really focused on God. It’s funny because I had originally heard the words intimacy and relationship from God and I experienced Him in such a tangible and intimate way through Rosa today during our prayer training.


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