Posted by: yeajlee | November 27, 2009

Comfortable vs. Changed life

I listened to this sermon last night after having dinner with my parents & I thought it was a very challenging message. The part that really left an impression on me was how Francis reminded us that God uses trials to change us. This sermon asked the question, How do we view the hardships, troubles and struggles in our lives? Do we ask God to take them away? Do we ask for a comfortable life over a changed life? 


Are we so secure in our identity in Him and we wholeheartedly trust Him that we’re able to say, bring it…would this hardship draw us even closer to You and by enduring it would we become more like Jesus in the process. Can we say things like, would you bring more trials into our lives so we can learn what it really means to be steadfast? Rather than changing the circumstance can You change us and help us to see that same hardship through a new set of eyes, through Your eyes. This sermon really made me examine what sort of attitude I have and how I view the struggles and hardships that I face. Hope it does the same for you. 

Here’s the sermon for those of you who are interested: 

Jesus Calling by 33 miles. A song I discovered recently. I thought it fit well with what I just blogged about


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