Posted by: yeajlee | August 25, 2009


A quote that left an impression on me recently:

“I choose love. No occasion justifies hatred; no injustice warrants bitterness, I choose love.” – Max Lucado

I’m reminded today that regardless of the difficult circumstances or difficult people we’re faced with, we always have a choice. Often times there’s so much in our life that is out of our control but what is still within our control is that we’re able to choose how we respond. We can choose according to the ways of the world or we can choose God’s way, the way of love. We can be someone who just reacts or we can be known as someone who chooses to respond instead. I don’t know about you guys but I want to be known as someone who responds to life.

Many months ago I was chewed out by an older woman. This classmate of mine said these words to me, “You’re stupid! You’re worthless and you don’t know anything.” She told another classmate sitting next to her not to ask me anything because it’d be a total waste of time. She repeated again that “I was worthless and stupid” several times. This was all said in front of a handful of my other peers and so much anger stirred within me. Not only did she chew me out but she had embarrased me in front of my peers. I felt humiliated and I wanted to give her a piece of my mind.  I honestly wanted to drop kick her, cuss her out and embarrass her in front of everyone. My blood was boiling but in the midst of all of this something inside me kept telling me to calm down, to take a deep breath and to take this situation as an opportunity. To overcome. I felt the Holy Spirit was speaking to me in the midst of my anger. A couple of my classmates had asked me if I was okay. Several of them said you should have just cussed her out, Yeaj. I stepped away from the situation and walked outside with one of them to cool down for a bit. I didn’t want to speak out of anger knowing full well I’d regret what would come out of my mouth. Later when I had cooled down and I was able to sort out my thoughts I confronted the woman alone. I told her how she behaved earlier was uncalled for, unprofessional and utterly unacceptable and that no one ought to be talked to in that manner. I told her exactly how I felt but with grace and love instead of anger and with the choice words that I had in mind for her earlier. She was very receptive to what I said and told me she respected the way I handled the situation and asked for my forgiveness. I had no idea until I had confronted this woman but she had a lot going on in her life. Apparently her mother was very sick and she was going to pass away any day and she had taken out her frustrations on me.

I share this story to merely portray that we’re always left with a choice and how we decide has huge implications. Will we just react or will we choose to respond? That particular day I was able to be self controlled but there are countless, did I mention countless times when that’s not the case and I react instead. I’m sure many of you guys can relate.

Brothers and sisters, would we be people characterized by more days where we’re victorious. To choose God’s way over our own…to choose the way of love despite those difficult circumstances and difficult people in our lives. To be responders in life.


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